The Mary loumanizer Highlighter, by theBalm: Review

Let us talk highlighters and today i talk about the Mary Loumanizer by the brand theBalm cosmetics.

In 2015 the hype was all around highlighting and contouring. Highlighting your cheek bones with a lighter color or preferably a shimmery one accentuates your cheekbones. Contouring is when you use darker shades to create shadows to sculpt your face to look thinner or the way you want it to look like.

Mary Loumanizer; by theBalm

So all through social media, there was this one highlighter that was raved about: The Mary Loumanizer and i was obviously on the hunt for one to give me that gorgeous glow. Finally I plunged in and decided that I’m getting Mary in my life ūüėõ

Mary loumanizer; by theBalm

Initially when i got the Mary Loumanizer, it just looked normal, leaving ¬†me to wonder why this was so famous. In the pan it looked like a champagne pressed powder and i couldn’t see any kind of heavenly glow (OK I might be exaggerating about the glow a little too much). Then¬†I swatched it and it was pigmented, nicely pigmented. Once¬†blended out; it was a beautiful sheen, no glitter or anything, that part made me happier because I¬†absolutely dread glittery particles in my face products. Applying highlighter to the face is my most blissful part of the whole makeup ordeal, so Mary Loumanizer got me excited.


The Mary Loumanizer is a very pigmented champagne colored highlighter. It gives your face that beautiful glow from within look and a beautiful sheen. Plus no glitter particles. This product is very pigmented so use a light hand once you apply it and i suggest gradually building it up for that unearthly glow:P . I use it to highlight my cheek bones mainly. But I also use it  to highlight the brow bone, bridge of my nose , my cupids bow and chin.


Application: Swirl you brush into the product and gently apply on to your cheekbones lightly in gentle upwards motion.


I use the real techniques fan brush (for sheer application) or the setting brush (for more pigmentation).

Real techniques brushes for applying highlighter
Brushes for applying highlighter

Overall I’m really impressed with the Mary loumanizer and if you want just one highlighter in your collection, this one is the best option.



Availability: I got mine from for AED110

Lots of Love