Outfit of the day : Before the summer ends

Hi Friends! This is going to be my very first outfit post on this blog and I’m breaking out a cold sweat. This is just a feeble and spontaneous attempt to do an outfit post, an informal one in my opinion.  If I don’t get any harsh words thrown at me, I might do more of such posts.

So during the weekends, I’m always looking for ways to relax rather than making a lot of plans. It is either Netflix or just loitering around the house, ignoring the chores I am supposed to do. This weekend Z and I decided to head out to a cafe without the kids, and I may or may not have nagged  him to take a few pictures (Marriage is fun like that)

Summer outfit

Chunky necklace

Here in Dubai, the temperature is finally dropping but I wouldn’t say it is ‘sweater weather’ yet. The Sun is still making things a little uneasy, so summer vibes are still my jam.

Untitled design (2)

Untitled design (5)

So here I have paired my flimsy kimono from with a palazzo my mom got me  from India last year. I love the summer colours of the palazzo and it went hand in hand with the dainty prints on the tassel Kimono from Shein and wore a ruffled white top inside.  Since my fashion choices are all over the place,  I decided to wear a chunky neckpiece from ALDO with the outfit and  a Mango sling bag. I think even a cute choker would have gone well.  I believe that fashion does not have any hard and fast rules, all you need is oodles of confidence to pull it off and you will look good in a jiffy. Let me know in the comment section below if you want to see  similar posts in the future. I love you guys!!!

Untitled design (1)

Untitled design (6)

Outfit Details

Kimono : Shein

Palazzo : Westside, India

White Top : Maxfashions

Necklace : Aldo

Bag : Mango

Sunglass : HM


With Love



  • Chinnu Madhukumar

    Jaisuuu awesome start!! Absolutely stunning pics and the model as always

  • Chinnu Madhukumar

    go ahead …waiting for more ideas!