The Nude Tude Palette by THEBALM – Review


Hello lovelies..Let us talk eye shadows.. I am crazy about eye shadows and especially neutral ones..So when I saw the Nude tude palette by theBalm; I had to get it plus it was not as expensive as the urban decay naked ones. I picked up mine from the in-flight Duty free while travelling to India. There are two versions of this palette; Naughty and nice. Both the versions contain the same shadows with a difference in the graphics in the palette. Mine is obviously the naughty version of the Nude tude palette (hehe)


This palette contains a mixture of frosty, shimmery and matte shades. Some of the shades are well made and some are not as good as the others. The color range is pretty good. You have light shades as well dark shades. Actually that is exactly the reason why I got it. I love palettes which have matte black or matte brown shades, and this one had both. But I was kinda bummed that both the dark colors were not as pigmented as  I imagined, but definitely the intensity was build-able.

nude tude palette

packaging of the nude tude palette

Basic cardboard packing. Sleek and easy to travel with.

Whats included:

The Nude tude palette comes with a double ended Shadow/Liner brush and a mini ‘Put a lid on it’ eyeshadow primer. I personally don’t like the brush, but sometimes I use the angled liner end to fill in my brows. The primer is too tiny to judge.NUDE TUDE PALETTE REVIEW


Sassy : A frosty white shade. Good for browbone and inner corner highlights

Snobby : A pale yellow gold shimmer shade.

Stubborn: A frosty pale pink shade

Stand-offish: Pale peachy shimmer shade.

Selfish: Shimmer shade with a mixture of taupe and silver

Sultry: Light brown matte shade. Perfect for crease and transition

Sophisticated: Cool toned brown shimmer shade with tiny gold glitter

Seductive: Dark golden shimmer shade with brown undertone. Favorite shade

Sexy: Maroon matte shade

Silly: Warm dark brown with gold glitter.{Least favorite}

Serious: Matte black

Sleek: Deep brown matte


favorite shades

Stubborn, Selfish and Seductive.

Least favorite Shades



Overall the Nude tude palette is value for money although not the perfect one. The lighter shades are good quality but the darker ones are a little patchy but nothing you cant work with. My favorite shades are Stubborn, Selfish and Seductive.



Price: Got mine for AED 150

Available at: TheBalm at Debenhams;;

Love and Cuddles