How to remove make up easily

Hello lovelies! Today  I will be talking  about how I remove makeup easily. Though there are times when i am too lazy and lethargic to do this essential step, I try my level best to remove makeup before going to bed, mostly, because our skin needs to breathe as well after all the blending and buffing. Also I loathe waking up with hideous Raccoon eyes.   Especially coming back home after a busy and exhausting day, it can be quite difficult to get the motivation to actually go through with anything let alone removing makeup. But can actually calm you down. Do you agree with me?? and the next day when you wake up with fresh skin, you can pat yourself for the effort(woot woot)

how to remove makeup easily

My method to remove makeup is quite simple. As I am a total Eye makeup fan, I use an Eye makeup remover along with my face cleanser. The eye makeup remover I am currently loving is from the drugstore, Nivea Gentle Eye Makeup remover. It is a gentle oil based remover which effortlessly removes the eyes makeup. I usually dab the solution onto a cotton pad (don’t forget to shake the bottle first) and press it lightly over my eyes for a few seconds and then gently rub off. Its so easy and does its job quite well.

Nivea double effect eye makeup remover

Next I move onto removing all the layers of makeup from my face using my favorite cleanser, the Bioderma Sensibio H2O micellar water. It is so gentle that it almost feels like water. The Bioderma solution is suitable for sensitive skin. After I remove the face makeup,  I gently go over the eye area to remove the oil residue from the eye makeup remover. Lastly I wipe of all the lipstick with the other side of the cotton pad. For me the micellar water does not remove my  eye makeup effectively as I am an extensive kohl user and hence the separate eye makeup remover. If you are not going  heavy on your eye makeup then you can totally skip this part.

Bioderma sensibio micellar water

And the last and final step is to use a good face wash and gently massage to remove all the remaining residue and for that fresh and clean face.

That concludes how I remove makeup. If you have any product suggestions or tips and techniques, please leave them in the comment box below as i would love to hear from you guys.

Products mentioned
  • Nivea Double effect eye makeup remover – Available at Carrefour across UAE
  • Bioderma Sensibio – Available at Boots and other leading pharmaceuticals

Love and Cuddles,