How to conceal Dark circles

Aren’t we all looking for ways to hide those hideous dark circles from the rest of the world???Well, I am!

Back in the day, Dark circles were least of my concerns in terms of skin issues. But as my age is progressing these little monsters are finding residence under my eyes and I am not in their favour. That is exactly the moment I started venturing into concealers. Oh boy! the difference a concealer makes, Im truly grateful for the invention. But quite often, I found myself staring back at those ashy under areas in spite of applying concealers. Clearly I was better off without the concealers, because I would rather leave them on their own rather than masking it and making it appear grey!

At this point of time, I saw a lot of youtube gurus suggesting colour correcting and this kind of got me curious. And believe me when I say there are tonnes of videos giving a detailed explanation of the whole process. Hence I was excited and jumped right into the bandwagon and I have no regrets!

  1. Moisturize: The first step is to hydrate your under eye area.
  2.  Colour Correct: To cover darkness under your eyes, the most common method is to apply a corrector that has an orange or peach undertone precisely on top of the areas of discoloration. This colour will cancel out the darkness.
  3. Conceal: Once the corrector dries, apply a concealer that matches your skin tone.
  4. Set: After the application of concealer, don’t forget to set the areas with a setting powder to prevent creasing.


Almost every other brand is coming out with colour correctors, especially ones with the orange undertone and there are so many options to choose from with respect to price and formula.  I am currently using the La Girl Pro Concealer in the orange corrector. Since it is a little too bright, I like to mix it with a yellow corrector just to get that custom Peachy shade that matches me.

Here is a video of the whole process and don’t forget to subscribe to my website and youtube channel. Lots of love guys!