Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks: Review and Lip swatches

Hello!! Hi!! Namaste!! It has been quite a while since the launch and I never really got into the blogger shoes. So today I am going all blah blah about the Gerard cosmetics lipsticks I purchased a few months back.

Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks: Review

All through YouTube, Beauty gurus were raving about these Gerard cosmetics lipsticks and I jumped onto the bandwagon, Coz you gotta abide by the trends of the beauty community..(Actually you don’t have to).  Gerard cosmetics was earlier known as Whitening lightening and their first products were the BB illumination, brow bar to go and lip glosses. Now they have a good selection of lipsticks, Liquid lipsticks and the recently launched setting sprays.

Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks: Review

I found a coupon for 5 lipsticks with free shipping, so believe me when I say that I dint think twice.Since I had decided to buy them anyway it would have been ludicrous to not use this opportunity.  The colors I ordered where Nude, 1995, Tequila sunrise, Underground and Cherry cordial. I got myself a dynamic range; neutral and vampy.

Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks: Review

Packaging :

The packaging looks very stylish and classy with the golden bullet exterior but one of the lipsticks did break off from the base even though I did not exhibit my usual clumsiness near it. It is a little flimsy nevertheless. But oh Boy! Definitely worthy of Instagram pictures!


Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks: Review

Nude: Matte finish. This is a very beautiful kind of nude with  peachy brown undertones. It can be a little washed out on medium to dark skin tones. I like to use a deeper nude lipliner underneath. It is perfect to pair with dark smokey eyes.



1995: Matte finish. It is a Color created in Collaboration with the beauty guru Jaclyn Hill  inspired by the Browny Nudes from the 90’s. My favorite shade out of the lot and is one of their bestsellers for very good reasons. This color is a very  creamy matte and comfortable to wear.

Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks: Review/ 1995 swatch

Tequila Sunrise: Matte finish. The Perfect Coral shade and totally Summer appropriate. But this color can be a little drying and not as smooth as expected when applied directly. With a brush application, it looks better.


Underground: Satin to matte finish. A very cool toned neutral shade with grayish purple undertones. I absolutely love this color as it is very unique and looks very edgy! If you don’t like lipsticks with gray undertones, Stay far away.


Cherry Cordial: Matte to satin finish. Dark and vampy is the perfect definition. This color is a Maroon with deep berry undertones. Appropriate for Fall and winter. Of course not for the faint of heart.



Verdict: gerard cosmetics lipsticks

These lipsticks are priced at $19 each in the website, which is a little overpriced. But there are always sales, coupons and bundle offers. I got 5 lipsticks for $38 with free shipping, which is totally a good deal! Love the color range and color payoff,  although some colors are more patchier than the others so you have to work your way around it. They last well for a lipstick’s capability. And I wish they would improve the rickety packaging.  Overall I’m Content but not jumping with happiness..

Shopping experience: gerard cosmetics website

Ordered directly from the website and they did respond quickly to email inquiries regarding the shipping. Shipping was through postal service and took approximately 2 weeks for arrival.


With love