Easy Morning Skincare Routine | 2017

My Morning skincare routine is very easy and basic. I just do the essential steps for my morning skincare routine and I’m quite content with the results. Skincare requirements varies from person to person and is a dynamic process, so what works for one person might not work for another person even if they share a similar skin type.

My skin type : Normal / Dry

So let me briefly explain  to you my morning skincare routine.

Easy morning skincare routine 2017


The first thing I like to do is to massage my face gently with a little bit of coconut oil. This helps me combat the extra dryness especially during the winter. Massaging your face with coconut oil nourishes your skin and also helps improve blood circulation.


For mornings, I like to use a gentle cleanser since I have no makeup or anything. I love the Cetaphil gentle cleanser because it is a very straightforward product that does the job well. It leaves my face soft and doesn’t dry out the skin.

Tip : Wash your face with luke warm water.


After cleansing I exfoliate my face. I like to exfoliate once or twice a week and use a DIY scrub for that. You can find out about it here

Exfoliating is very important as it removes dead cells and also improves skin texture. You can instantly feel that your skin is soft and smooth.



This is a step which we all tend to ignore. Toning is important because it helps restore the pH balance of the skin which gets disrupted after cleansing. This also soothes the skin and helps your skin stay hydrated. I like to use natural toners like witch hazel or rose water. just add a little on a cotton pad and dab it on your face and neck


Once I’m done with toning, I moisturise my face. Currently I’m in love with the Neutrogena Hydro boost water gel Moisturiser. It is really lightweight and gets absorbed quickly. I also use the Cetaphil moisturiser for the extreme dry skin days. Try to find a moisturiser that is meant for your skin type and never miss this essential step.


If I’m stepping out, I use a sunscreen because you have to protect your skin from the harmful radiations. I’m using the Cetaphil Daylong liposomal lotion at the moment which has an spf 50.


And baby, don’t forget to hydrate those lips. I’m using the Bioderma moisturising stick to keep the lips nourished. It is colourless but has a nice cherry scent.

So that completes my morning skincare routine. Let me know which is your favourite skincare products in the comments below.

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