DIY: Ombre Hair using Loreal Feria Wild Ombre kit

Hello, Angels!! So today’s topic  is DIY  Ombre hair colour !. Yes, you heard it right I Coloured my hair at home. Brave girl alert! Haha..

P.S : This is the story of how I coloured my hair almost a year ago.. Yes!This is super late!

I had been eyeing the Ombre trend for quite some time. Ombre hair is described as  hair colour fading from dark to light gradually, or vice versa. Instead of the colour starting from the roots, it gradually becomes lighter, or darker, towards the ends. So last year I finally decided to colour my hair on my trips to India . And I was really nervous as this was my first time! Did you know hair that has never been coloured before is called Virgin Hair; For a reason of course! I was damn nervous about how it would turn out ( Am I the only who gets yelled by mom for doing stuffs like these??)  And my sensitivity reached a point where I instructed my colourist to wash my hair off before the intended time and I came back home disappointed and looking the same! It was way too subtle and I totally regretted it!

Finally, I decided to colour my hair myself with the help of my beloved hubby and decided to  make up for my cowardice!!  And when I saw the Loreal Feria Wild kit at the racks of the department store; I looked no further and got two packs for my long hair. I got two different kinds the No1 and the No.2  one so I could get a mixture of colour.



Hair Prep

Wash your hair the day before you intend to colour and skip the conditioner for better results


Loreal feria wild is a Do it yourself ombre kit. Loreal feria wild comes with the expert brush which makes it easier to colour your hair and even out the product. The package includes a developer cream a lightening cream, a lightening powder and also a conditioning shampoo.




Process for ombre hair colouring.

Add the lightening cream and lightening powder into the developer bottle and shake well ( You need to get those  arms moving babe). Make sure your hair is nicely combed and without any knots. I started from the inner parts of my hair, sectioned horizontally using a tail comb and clipped back the rest of my hair. Work in sections for better results . Apply the colour to the area from where you want the colour to start; I started at 3/4th of my hair length and applied the product using a colouring brush and then combed through  the colour using the expert brush to even out the product. Now wrap it in  a cling wrap or foil. Next, Add another horizontal section and apply the colour and repeat the process. Once you reach the crown you can get creative according to your haircut  and  colour your hair to frame your face; Believe me, this is the tricky bit! But fortunately  for me the colour was not that obvious. I left it on for 30 to 45 minutes and washed off using the conditioning shampoo that came with the pack.



Results: For me, it was not dramatic but definitely noticeable during the daytime when I was out in the sunlight and I was content with it. It was a very welcome change and loved it!


DIY ombre hair

Additional information: This kit actually works like a bleach and can easily damage your hair. Definitely made my coloured bit brittle and extremely dry. So you have to get yourself committed to better hair care.  And also, if you have dark hair, it is difficult to get a lighter colour as darker hairs have more pigments to lift.



Verdict: Go for this  DIY kit only if you are confident enough or if you want to try something before chopping your hair off. Professional results are always better so if you are serious about hair colouring, get yourself an appointment at the salon and consult with a hair colourist. PS. Coloured hair needs special attention and care, so don’t attempt it if you are lazy! ( Story of my life :( )

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