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Colourpop is a brand that has gained a lot of attention within a short span of time. They are popular for their wide range of lip products and eyeshadows for an affordable price tag. (Scroll down for the youtube video)

Recently they had a free International shipping offer going on, and I didn’t think twice because buying the colourpop products from local sellers were almost twice as expensive as the original price.

I was really intrigued by their liquid lipsticks and wanted to have them really badly. So in this haul, I only ordered lip products. They have liquid lipsticks in two variation. One is a completely matte formula and the other is a satin formula.

I ordered 6 Ultra matte liquid lipsticks, 5 Ultra Satin Liquid lipsticks and 2 Lippie stix.

Ultra Matte Lipsticks


I got myself six of the shades. Most of them are medium toned. I didn’t want any of the lighter shades because lighter matte shades usually throws attention to the lines on my lips.

These lipsticks dry completely matte and hence are very drying. Generally my lips cannot deal with this level of dryness. So It is much better when applied with a lip balm underneath or even on top. But that defeats the transfer proof quality of these liquid lipsticks. They are long wearing but it tends to crumble up after a couple of hours.

Beeper, Bumble, Love bug, More better, Teenytiny, Tulle


  1. Beeper
  2. Bumble
  3. More better
  4. Love bug
  5. Tulle
  6. Teeny tiny

Price : $6 Each

Ultra Satin Lipsticks


I love the formula of these better than the ultra matte lipsticks. They are much more forgiving and doesn’t dry completely matte. They are certainly creamy, but they are almost semi matte. These do transfer but lasts for a good while on the lips. I love the formula and comfortability of these lipsticks. On another note, these feel a little heavy on the lips but I can totally get past that.

Frick n Frack, Echo park, Tansy, Baracuda, Lying king


  1. Tansy
  2. Lying king
  3. Frick n frack
  4. Echo park
  5. Baracuda

Price : $6 Each


Lippie Stix


I got 2 of the matte lippie stix, but they come in other finishes as well. I totally regret not getting more of these because they are really nice and creamy. Wear time is also amazing on these. The packaging is super cute and definitely my favourite.

Poison, Brink



  1. Brink
  2. Poison

Price : $5 Each


Shipping : These took almost 25 days to get delivered. At one point I almost thought I lost it. They ship via USPS and I had not mentioned any postal number while placing the order. So when I called the local post office, they told me that some shipments without postal numbers might get sent back. Fortunately I received a call from Empost and they said they would deliver it home. Delivery charges were AED 30.

I’m hoping to place an order for the eyeshadows soon and would like to get few more of the ultra satins and lippie stix.

Additional Information

  • They do have a $5 Coupon code when you subscribe for the first time
  • Internation shipping is usually $25.

Availability :

Lots of love