Black Smokey Eyes Tutorial



Black smokey eyes can be really a tricky business and it takes practice and patience to achieve good results.


So here I am attempting a black smokey eyes tutorial for you lovelies. For a good smokey eye, it is important to have a nice gradient from the darker colour to a lighter colours.

Basically I use 3 Eyeshadow shades for the classic black smokey eyes along with a black base.

1. Apply A primer:

Before starting with the smokey eyes, apply primer all over the eyelids to prep your eyelids.

2. Set the eyelids:

Set the eyelids using a translucent powder to make sure the eyeshadows blends well and apply smoothly.

3. Place Scotchtape

Place a scotch tape or any kind of tape you have around,  at an angle for a clean look.


4.transition shade:

I like to use a neutral warm shade that is a tad bit darker than my eyelids. Use a fluffy blending brush to apply the shadow to the transition area. I use Mac 224 Brush for this.

Colour used: ‘Salted Caramel’ from Toofaced Chocolate bar palette


5. Crease shade:

Pack a deeper brown shade on the crease. Keep your eye open while you do that so the colour is concentrated on the crease area. I like to use a smaller blending brush like the Mac 217 to pack on the crease shade.

Colour used: ‘Semi Sweet’ from Toofaced Chocolate bar palette


6. Base:

Use a black gel eyeliner as a base or use a kohl pencil and smudge it from the bottom part of the lid and work your way to the crease carefully. Do not drag this beyond the crease.  Carefully blend and smooth out the edges of the base.

Product Used: Loreal Gel Eyeliner.


7. Base shadow:

Use a matte black shade and apply that on top of the base. work your way from the bottom and pack colour gradually to have a smooth transition between the darkest colour to the lightest colour.

Colour Used: Black shade from Thebalm Nudetude palette.

8. Blend blend blend

Blending is the key to a good smokey eye look, so spend a good chunk of time blending the shadows. Pack on shadows as necessary to deepen the look.


9. Eyeliner and mascara.

Apply eyeliner and add some mascara or maybe some false lashes for the extra drama.

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Check out my youtube video below to see the whole look in action. Please do subscribe to my channel.






  • Afrah

    Which contact lens have you used? It looks so good on you?

    • jaisa

      Thanks a lot dear…It is the Hazel one from Freshlook :)