Beauty blender: Review and details

Hello everyone…Many of you must be already knowing what a beauty blender is and for the ones who dint, I have got you covered.
Today I talk all about the beauty blender , why you need it and how amazing it is.

 Beauty Blender: Review

The beauty blender is a makeup sponge that assists you in the makeup application process(yes people it is a process..)

The beauty blender assures that you get your base as flawless as possible. It is a beauty sponge you use to apply your base product like foundation, bb cream, cc cream etc but not limited to just these. This tiny thing can work wonders to your makeup routine and will give a very smooth finish to your foundation unlike while using brushes(those streaky lines..arghhh hate them). The beauty blender is a quite dense sponge and aids in streak less application.Beauty Blender: Review

The beauty Blender needs to be wet prior to application. After you wet this sponge, it becomes bigger in size due to the water retention, then squeeze out the excess water and then start bouncing the makeup product using the blender against your face. You can use this for applying foundation , blending out concealer, bronzers, powders and what not. As it has an egg like shape, the pointed end works better(though not the best) for the under eye area.

Beauty Blender: Review

These are available in three colors each has a slightly different usage as their website suggests. I use the original beauty blender in the bright pink color as shown in the above picture. It is also available in black and white.
Also there is a mini green version (super cute BTW) exclusively for concealer application.

The beauty blender does not help in providing full coverage as it absorbs excess products. So a tip would be to apply foundation using a flat foundation brush and then blend away using the beauty blender.

availability of beauty blender

In Sephora for AED 80 ($20)
Other retailers:;